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What is Visionaire FX™(VFX)?

Visionaire FX is a totally integrated home entertainment solution complete with:
Interior Design
Plug & Play Electronics
Luxurious Seating
Installation & Calibration by certified professionals
How do I buy Visionaire FX?
Visionaire FX is available only through authorized VFX Dealers.
Where does my builder get information?
They can call VFX Dealer or send an online request and a regional representative will contact them.
How long does it take to get a Visionaire FX system?
END The standard lead-time can be as short as 5 weeks. This includes the finalization of the design, assembly of the architectural components, consolidation of all the parts, shipping to the home and a few days of installation.
Sometimes it is hard for me to understand conversation during a movie in my untreated home theater. Why?
Without the sort of acoustic control that is provided by Visionaire FX, the frequencies of sound in the movie dialogue can be overwhelmed by the sound frequencies occurring in the rest of the movie soundtrack.
What kind of electronics are available?
We have teamed with a number of leading electronic manufacturers to create the ultimate audio visual experience.
Series M
Grape Leaf
Greek Key
Landscape Design
Lighting Control
Motorized Window
Specialty Audio