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Thinking About Home Theater

If you are like most people, you've heard about home theater. A true home theater beckons to the grandeur of movie palaces of the past. Imagine the splendor of your own private theater in the comfort of your own home. Thanks to the technology of today, VFX can give you a theater experience better than you'll get at your local movie theater. VFX dedicated theater designs take root in private screening rooms that were once the exclusive province of a select few. Due to the expense and space needed to recreate a theatrical experience, it was an attainable alternative but for a very select few.

Technological advances such as laserdisc, the VCR, and DVD have been paralleled by advances in surround sound reproduction and high definition imagery. These days, a ten-pound projector can create a better image than you would find at a movie theater.

The technological marvels are staggering, but they can create a mess of black boxes and wires, armloads of remote controls and a general look of mayhem in any entertainment space. Creating an environment that is not only seamless but also acoustically functional is essential to the true entertainment experience. VFX has learned that this type oflifestyle space is essential to the integration of our theaters into your homes.

Why VFX?

Home theater is the ultimate option for the home, and VFX is the definitive brand and product for discerning homeowners, builders and designers. A focal point for your entertainment needs, a VFX system signifies the best of all worlds - design, acoustic functionality and audio-video performance.

VFX represents the gold standard in home entertainment with our ever-growing array of home theater solutions. We are a design-focused company, intent on providing technological thrills in an all-encompassing environment - one that is seamless and stunning, a space you can be proud to call part of your lifestyle.


Visionaire FX theaters are based on the principle that a true home theater space is as much about design as audio-video performance. Homeowner hesitancy toward home theater is based on aesthetic dislike of the black boxes and wires overflowing everywhere inside of entertainment space. Our commitment is to turn out the best systems - design, engineering and performance. What good is a home theater if it impedes the design and beauty of your home. All VFX systems, present and future, are designed to provide the ultimate in luxurious design - a place where great picture and sound do not conflict with a refined element of aesthetic beauty.

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